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Penrith Posters understands that not everyone is a designer and not everyone understand bleeds, safe zones and crop marks.  We are not snobby about the artwork you send us,  If we can open it we can print it…

That said  if you can follow these basic rules your print will be the best that it can be.


  1. Your artwork ideally needs to be full sized with a resolution of at least 150dpi (the higher the DPI the better the quality)
  2. If your artwork is NOT full size then the resolution needs to be higher e.g. You want A0 printed but send us A1 sized artwork this needs to be at least 300dpi to ensure it scales effectively.
  3. DO NOT upload any artwork that has been downloaded from social media websites and expect it to be printed A0 size because while we will print it and send it to you, you wont be happy with it.

Leaflet Layout Information

It is important to know that Penrith Posters offers 2 different type of leaflets.

  1. Budget Leaflets printed on either glossy stock or standard copier paper
  2. Premium Leaflets printed on glossy stock

Budget leaflets

These leaflets are a quick, cheap and effective means of getting your message out there.  They can be printed in a matter of minutes sometimes while you wait.  They are suitable ONLY for short runs of up to 500 maximum.  All of these leaflets will have a white boarder around the print area and you are not required to leave a bleed on the artwork as there is a white boarder.

Premium Leaflets.

Our premium leaflets follow all standard design guidelines and are suitable for large runs of greater than 500 and beyond 100,000 if need be.  Bleeds and cut marks must be present otherwise you run the risk of losing some design.  If in any doubt you can always give us a call or email us.  The lead time for these leaflets is around 5 days from artwork receipt.

Above all else, if the supplied artwork is of bad quality then the resultant print will be as equally bad if not worse.



A5 Page Folded To A6

16 Page A5 Booklet

8 Page A5 Booklet

A5 Leaflet

A4 Folded To A5

A4 Leaflet

A3 Poster

A2 Poster

A1 Poster

A0 Poster

Roller Banner

A6 Leaflet

Accepted File Types.

  1. Print ready PDF
  2. PSD
  3. Jpeg
  4. Png
  5. Doc, Docx
  6. PPT, PPTX
  7. etc. etc.

If you are not sure, drop us a line here


Artwork File Upload – there are 2 options available for supplying your print ready artwork files, options are:

  1. Upload your files while placing your order.
  2. If you would rather upload your files via FTP – please include a message at checkout and we will forward you the details


In order to keep costs as low as possible we do not proof your artwork before printed, it is printed as is including any spelling mistakes or other errors.  We offer a file check service here where we will check your file to ensure that it can be printed at the size you require.  The fee for this service will be refunded if you go ahead and purchase your posters from us.